Teaching Experience

ETH Z├╝rich:

Scientific writing (graduate level), 2017 - 2020.

Klimasysteme (undergraduate level), 2017 - 2020.

Mathematics III: Systems analysis (undergraduate level), 2019 - 2020.

University of Bergen:

Introduction to Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics (undergraduate level), 2014.

Physical-biological coupling in marine ecosystems (graduate level), 2011 - 2012.


PhD thesis

Martin Stolpe, Dependence of climate change on the climatological base state and internal variability (2018, PhD)

MSc thesis

Neil Aellen, Using variability analogues for predicting high latitude climate (2020, MSc)

Pui Man Kam, Impact of model drift on simulated climate change (2019, MSc)

Maurice Huguenin-Virchaux, Mechanisms driving ocean heat uptake and Warm Water Volume variability over idealized ENSO events (2018, MSc)

BSc thesis

Ephraim Bastante Medina, Simulated North Atlantic sea level variability and ocean circulation (2019, BSc)

Patric Ryser, Time of emergence of historical temperature from model simulations (2019, BSc)

Janic Deplazes, Spatiotemporal distribution of hiatus periods during 1880-2017 (2018, BSc)

Maurice Huguenin-Virchaux, Ocean heat storage and implications on sea level rise using CCSM4 model output for 1993-2016 (2016, BSc)