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Peer-reviewed articles

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Medhaug, I. (2021) The ETH Zurich flight emission project: Emissions 2016-2019, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. doi: 10.3929/ethz-b-000498721

Medhaug, I. (2021) Aligning old and new ETH Zurich flight emission estimates: 2006-2019 , ETH Zurich, Switzerland. doi: 10.3929/ethz-b-000498713

Contributing author on the CH2018 - Climate Scenarios for Switzerland, Technical Report, National Centre for Climate Services.

Conference proceedings

J.A. Olseth, I. Medhaug, J. Reuder, B.B. Sjølingstad, and O. Sætre UV radiation in Norway: Measurements, reconstructions, and applications. Proceedings of the UV conference "One century of UV Radiation Research" , 18-20 September, 2007, Davos, Switzerland. [pdf]

Outreach / Popular Science

I. Medhaug 2017. What's left of the warming pause (in English, in German ) for ETH Zukunftsblog

I. Medhaug 2016. Global warming might be on hold, but it’s not cancelled for Climanosco

I. Medhaug and S. Sørland 2015. Eventyrlyst koster for Dagens Næringsliv - Meninger

I. Medhaug, 2015. El Nino for Store Norske Leksikon

H. Drange and I. Medhaug, 2015. Midlertidig nedkjøling i drivhuset for Aftenposten - Meninger

I. Medhaug, 2014. Orden i værkaoset for 2 grader

I. Medhaug, 2014. Glaciers bulldozing the landscape the slow way

I. Medhaug, 2013. If temperatures aren't rising, where does the heat go?

I. Medhaug, 2013. To index or not to index?


Medhaug I., 2011. North Atlantic multidecadal variability in coupled climate models - Mechanisms and responses. PhD thesis, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway, pp 137, ISBN 978-82-308-1747-6, Publisher: University of Bergen. [pdf]

Medhaug I., 2007. Reconstruction of UV-radiation and its potential implications on development of skin cancer. Master's thesis, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway, pp 106, Publisher: University of Bergen [pdf]